Megan Bird

I'm a photographer and this is my blog. It's a collection of finished and unfinished works of photography, video and traditional art. Sometimes I post behind the scenes pictures or random amusing things I find. I hope you enjoy it.

Photography Tumblr - The Camera Obscura

This is my final portfolio for photography. It’s been a great two years and I’ve learned a great deal about photography and myself. This portfolio is the culmination of over a $1000 spent, countless hours, blood, sweat and tears. This project has been very close to me and I’m very proud of what I’ve achieved.

I would like to thank the following people for their creative input, invaluable critiques, selfless help, guidance and endless support.

Jason Machinski, Denine Wrixon, Michael Bowie, Jonathon Harrington, Andrew Balfour, Garry Carter, Jon Horbaty, Michel LaLonde, Alan Brown, Cate Jones, Andrea Quesnel, Megan, Marlene Lopes, Allison Bednar, Paul Behne, Samantha Pennock, Kelli Hourigan, Paola Campos, Suwanna Jiravitayabon, Lynda Graveline, Eli Babb, Keith Peckover, Claire Dodge, Thomas Dagg, Deo Silvederio, John Budarick and my Mom.

Thank you!